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The only premium product distributor with delivery service in Latvia.

Distribution of Aqua Angels production- water with PH level 8.8 in glass barells. Glass is the only 100% recyclable packaging material and is the best option for human body- the glass barrels are the smart environmentally friendly alternative to glass bottles.

Fine waters-  have many uses from simple hydration to complementing a healthy lifestyle to enhancing fine dining to brewing the perfect tea!

Leitz- one if the finest wine producers in Germany! Combinng the innovations in vacuum dealcoholisation with Leitz wine expertise, made this 0% alcohol wine range

Ish - Rumish, Ginish - o% alcohol with a perfect taste. And more important is that these drinks have health benifits, all of them are made from local natural ingredients and mineral rich water!

And many more famous non alcohol beverages. 


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