The stylish NON-alcoholic alternative from Heidelberg.

GOODVINES- "The GOOD of the Vines". The real alternative to alcoholic beverages, The perfect plea-sure at any time and for any occasion. The company combine the values of the best wine tradition with the growing need for carefree and natural enjoyment. Selected wines are gently dealcoholized and carefully refined by master craftsmen. The addition of artificial flavors or granulated sugar is deliberately avoided -for the highest purity and quality.

By the way- GOODVINES we also refrain from adding artificial flavors, granulated sugar and other additives- for the highest purity and an authentic taste experience.


How is it made?- made with wine dealcoholisers. During the so-called distillation the alcohol contained in the wine evaporates already at 30 C. The wine thus retains its authentic taste. No flavours are added.This is how completely natural alcohol free wines are created. They embody a piece of quality of life and are an ideal pleasure for all those who do not want or have to do without the taste of wine, but certainly without alcohol.